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  • Tips For Colour Tattoos

    If your artist is asking you what colours to use, don’t trust the artist. Of course if you want specific colours for an aspect of the tattoo then that is fine, but if the artist Is asking about every single colour that is going into the tattoo then they don’t know what they are doing as an artist.

    Be really descriptive of the colour you want, and try and find an example of that. Say if you want a peach coloured rose, what you might call peach I might call apricot.

    The colours in the tattoo should match your skin tone. If you have dark skin then you will want to get really dark colours. If you have light skin, you can get lighter tones and if you’re ghost white then you can get anything you want. The darker your skin, the more restricted you are. The lighter your skin, the more vibrant the colours will turn out.


    To keep your tattoos looking bright and crisp, you will want to moisturize them every day after they have healed. Keeping your skin really well hydrated is going to keep the pigment really bright, and help the longevity of the tattoo. I suggest moisturizing around 10 minutes after you have a shower as this is when your skin really dries out after the heat.

    Colour tattoos are more likely to need touching up as opposed to black and grey. That isn’t set in stone but is generally what happens. Colours such as yellow tend to fade quicker than others.

    Colour tattoos fade and heal slightly different to what black and grey tattoos do. Most artists do touch ups for free but obviously if you want to rework a whole piece you will have to pay them. Each tattoo artist will have their own pricing systems, so be sure to talk to them about their process.


    Colour tattoos do look a bit different when they heal. Once a new tattoo is healed there will be a few new layers of skin grows over the top. Much the same if you get a scrape or a scab and it heals.

    They often look a little bit duller and have a yellowish tone to them. Getting a colour tattoo also takes a lot longer and is generally more painful as you need to blend in the shades and tones.

    If you plan on getting multiple tattoos but can’t pick a colour scheme, then just relax as pretty much no-one does that – you can work it out with your artist(s) if need be.

    Some people ask if it’s hard to wear colour clothing – the answer is no, don’t worry about it at all.