How to Prepare For a Long Tattoo Session

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  • How to Prepare For a Long Tattoo Session

    Having a long tattoo session is one of the most difficult things about being tattooed. This is because getting tattooed is painful. It’s as simple as, the longer the time the longer the suffering is. But for those who really want to get their tattoo done, they won’t consider the time and pain anyway, as long as at the end of it they will get what they desired to have. The pain for a couple of hours is nothing compared to having a beautiful tattoo forever.

    If you are ever going to have a long tattoo session, it is important that your mind and body have their optimal conditions to have the endurance for the session. So it’s necessary for you to have some preparation before you go to help you deal with it. Here are some ways on how to prepare for a long tattoo session that can surely help you:

    Stay full and hydrated

    Getting full and staying hydrated is one of the best methods that everyone can use to maximize their endurance. That’s why even if you are going on a long tattoo session you must factor this into your plans, because being full and hydrated will help your body in maximizing its performance and staying focused.

    Wear gloves and socks (if it’s a cold environment)

    There are chances that you might not be wearing a lot of clothes during the session. Of course if you are in a cold place then you might even start shivering, if that’s the case the artist can’t even start the session. For you to be able to deal with the cold weather you should definitely considerin wearing some warm gloves, socks or even a hat just to help prevent the coldness.

    Bring some movies or a television series to watch.

    Having something to watch can help you have a better mood and stop you focusing on the long painful tattoo session. In that situation you can’t feel a much of the pain because your mind focuses on the other things which can help you feel relaxed. By watching a movie it can even help you stop noticing the passing of the time and can help you avoid from thinking if how much time is still needed for the session to be finished. The pain you feel during the tattoo session is just simply a nerve-triggered anxiety and for you to be able to at least prevent this, watching a good movie will help your mood to be in its best state which is a big help.


    Everyone is different and likes to sit in different positions when getting tattooed. If you are going to have a long tattoo session, just be sure to talk with your artist about what you need to make you comfortable. Say something about what you really want because if not, nobody will suffer but you.  If you can’t speak for you own comfort, then neither will your artist.

    All of these tips are some of the most important factors for how to prepare for a long tattoo session. Of course there are still many more tips, these are just some of them to consider first. You can still look and search for some other helpful tips or much better ask a friend who has already been through a long tattoo session.