Tattoo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoos

Do tattoos hurt?

Everyone has a different pain threshold. Tattoos on the same part of the body on different people will have different levels of pain. However there are some common places where you will experience more pain than others. These include but are not limited to: Head, neck, middle of chest, armpits, inner elbows, hands, inner thighs, knee’s and feet.


Is my tattoo going to change due to weight loss/gain?

Unless you are rapidly gaining or losing a large amount of weight your tattoo will most likely not be affected. Tattoo artists stretch your skin as they are inserting the ink which also helps avoid this issue.


How long should I wait after deciding on a design?

The will vary person to person, it can also depend if you already have tattoos or not. Typically we advise to wait one year after deciding on a design. If you have waited one year and still think you would like to proceed with the tattoo then go ahead and book it in! However this isn’t to say that impromptu tattoo’s can’t be a great experience, everyone has their own reasons for getting inked.


My tattoo appointment is soon, what If I regret it?

Many people experience second thoughts and nervousness closer to the time of their appointment – this is completely normal! Having practically permanent artwork on your body you will want to make sure you have faith in your tattoo artist as well as your choice of art. This is why we recommend at least a 1 year wait before pulling the trigger.


How much will ‘x’ cost?

Prices have a variety of factors including the artists hourly rates, tattoo speed and demand for the artist. Try your best to not factor this into your decision making process. This artwork will be on your body for a very long time (hopefully!) so spending more money now is going to save you a lot in the long run. If you factor the cost of a tattoo into the lifespan of the ink you will find the price isn’t much to pay. For example, $3,000 for a half sleeve over 30 years is only $100/year… not much at all!


How should I look after my tattoo after I get it done?

Check out our comprehensive tattoo aftercare guide here.