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    The west coast of the United States is the birthplace of some of the types of tattooing that are most popular today, and it’s currently a very prevalent place for body art among the tattoo community. When we think of Los Angeles, California, we think of tattoos, thanks in part to shows like L.A. Ink, which bring the art of tattooing into the limelight. However, we might also get this association because Los Angeles has one of the highest number of tattoo shops per capita of any city in the United States. It’s also a city where many of the top tattoo artists flock to, meaning that there is a plethora of artistic talent to be found here, for the right price!

    In fact, the wealth of talent in this area in the tattoo realm makes it tough to nail down the best tattoo shops in LA, but it didn’t stop us from trying! Are you looking for the next place to add a tattoo to your body art collection? Below are five of the best studios in the Los Angeles area that are sure to turn your skin into a masterpiece:

    Under the Gun Tattoo Co.
    4323 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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    This East Hollywood tattoo shop is home to six talented tattoo artists with ranging styles that include stellar black and grey portraiture. UTG’s owner, Chente Rios, has risen from a master of the Bic pen in prison back in his day to being one of the most renowned black and grey tattoo artists in the California area!

    Ink Slingers Studio
    2626 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA

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    Ink Slingers Studio in Alhambra (less than 10 miles east of L.A.) is best known for its impressive work with black and grey portraits. Owned by Brian Gonzalez, this shop, which has been in operation for over fourteen years, will NOT disappoint those looking for clean, beautifully detailed and realistic black and grey work!

    Inkfiend Art Studio
    2428 W. Valley Blvd, Alhambra CA

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    Also located in Alhambra, this shop is owned by Master Mike, who earned his nickname through years of creating phenomenal Japanese-inspired tattoo designs, often on a large scale in the form of sleeves, back pieces, and even full body suit tattoos. Even if you can’t ride it out through Mike’s one year waiting list, the shop boasts several other talented artists that can help you achieve the tattoo of your dreams. 142 5-star Yelp reviews (over 90% of Inkfriend’s total reviews) can’t be wrong! This shop is definitely on to something.

    American Electric Tattoo Co.
    2518 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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    This tattoo shop off Sunset Blvd. has made a name for itself as one of the most reputable shops in the Los Angeles area. It has been ranked as one of the best tattoo shops in LA by both the Huffington Post and the L.A. Times, and it’s no wonder why! Owned by tattoo veteran Craig Jackman, this shop has a focus on traditional American tattoo art and maintains a “street shop” sort of feel, while also striving to wow its customers with its professionalism.

    Memoir Tattoo
    7377 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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    Finding a number one shop to top this list was tough, but Memoir Tattoo in Beverly Hills has such an incredible array of styles to be found within its walls that it was tough to pick anyone else! Owned by Shawn Barber and Kim Saigh, who is known for working alongside master Chicago tattoo artist Guy Aitchison, as well as for being featured on TLC’s L.A. Ink, the styles in this private, appointment-only shop range from stunning American traditional and realism to vibrant illustration-style tattoos. It was recently featured in the “Best of LAist” as one of the top tattoo shops in Los Angeles.