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  • 41 Dumb Things Said in Tattoo Studios

    41 Dumb Things Said in Tattoo Studios3

    1. “I want to get a tattoo, but… I don’t know what I want.”
    2. “I know I told you how to spell it, and I know that I double checked the spelling, but you still spelt it wrong.”
    3. “How big are your gauges? Did they hurt?”
    4. “Hey does this look infected?”
    5. “Can you do like a rose? Is that hard?”
    6. “Can you cover up this name?”
    7. “I want this tattoo… exactly like this (points to image on phone).”
    8. “I’ve been wanting to get this tattoo forever (from an 18 year old).”
    9. “I want a memorial tattoo for my grandma, I’m thinking like a star on my hip.”
    10. “Thanks for the drawing of my elaborate tattoo, I don’t want to get it done, I just wanted to see my ideas down on paper.”
    11. “I had someone else touch up your tattoo at another shop.”
    12. “How many tattoos do you have?”
    13. “I get the mall the time, they don’t even hurt anymore.”
    14. “Is that like, in your skull?”
    15. “I left my ID at home.”
    16. “Can I pay you next week?”
    17. “Can I sign for my cousin, she’s almost 18?”
    18. “How longs this going to take?”
    19. “This lower back tattoo doesn’t make me like a skank right? Don’t they call it a tramp stamp or something?”
    20. “I want to get my boyfriends name, we’re in love. He said he’s getting my tattoo next week.”
    21. “Do I get a discount for bringing a friend. Like one friend?”
    22. “I’ll be 18 in a month.”
    23. “I want a tree on my arm, and then every branch to have a name of every member of my family that died. On my arm. (That won’t fit). Okay do it on my back then same price right?”
    24. “Is this gonna hurt?”
    25. “Why are you shaving me am I really that hairy?”
    26. “I totally know that guy from the other shop, we hang out all the time. .. what was his name?”
    27. “I know I covered up this tattoo last month, so I want it back, but bigger.”
    28. “Can I drink later tonight?”
    29. “I want the tattoo that Nicole Richie has.”
    30. “What are you going to do when you wear a dress?”
    31. “So what’s in the ink?”
    32. “That’s not what I want..”
    33. “It hurts when I touch it.”
    34. “Do I have to take my shirt off?”
    35. “Man that’s too expensive, i’ll just get my boy to do it.”
    36. “I want that tattoo that tupac has.”
    37. “Can we get it all done in one sitting?”
    38. “This symbol represents strength.”
    39. “Well, my friend says…”
    40. “I don’t go to the other guy because he’s way too expensive now. It’s supposed to be permanently raised like that, right?”
    41. “I see you have a no kids sign, is it okay if I have my 3 year old in here?”
    42. “(When do you want it?) I don’t want to get it from you guys, I just wanted to tell you about it?”
    43. “I want to get a tattoo. On my back, so it’s going to be a bunch of dead bodies at the bottom. With a throne on top. And then I’m next to the throne, holding this big sword and a trident. And above me there’s a unicorn. Fighting with like a turtle, fighting with a phoenix. But the unicorns are on fire. But the turtle also has wings. And above that I want words in latin. And there’s gonna be a black hole. And then it’s sucking everything up, but not me. Is that possible?”