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  • Watercolour Tattoos and 18 Incredible Designs

    If you’re looking for a tattoo, but don’t want to go with any of the common tattoo styles, maybe Watercolour tattoos are going to provide the unique look you are after? They are a great way of displaying an image in it’s own gentle ways with its subtle shading yet vibrant colours.

    While almost all other tattoo styles start with the classic black outlines, this is one of the major differences with watercolour tattoos as they are are a lot more free flowing and give off a completely different affect. The detailing in the work can look a bit ‘splotchy’ at times, but you can be assured the tattoo artist has carefully calculated the colours of the design.

    Yes it’s true they will not ‘last’ as long as standard outlined tattoos, due to there being nothing to ‘hold in’, or hide the slight blur that all tattoos will accumulate, but nothing small touch-ups over the years won’t fix or that might be present in other tattoos styles anyway. Definitely not something to worry deeply about.

    The common traits that belong to watercolour tattoos are looking like paint brush strokes and dripping or splattered paint. There are also other tattoo styles such as geometric or trash-polka that resonate very well with the watercolour style.

    There seems to be a common theme amongst them as well, with the typical watercolour tattoo designs usually involve either animals or a rose. However there’s a large number of all types of different styles as each tattoo artist has their own unique pieces.

    While most tattoo artists should be able to pull off the work, it’s advised you go to an artist with a long history of accomplished watercolour desgins so you know they will do it perfectly.

    See below for 18 different examples of watercolour tattoos and the tattoo artists behind them.


    Whale design with space themed colours by Adrian Bascur


    Skulls and flowers by A.D. Pancho
    Fox by Adrian Bascur


    Wolf with mixed styles by Aleksandra Kozubska
    Butterfly by Aleksandra Kozubska
    Hummingbird by @IvanaTattooArt
    Vibrantly coloured fox by @hamitattoo
    Custom watercolour tattoo by @dynozartattack
    Beautiful watercoloured atom with space themed colours by @DavidMention
    New School looking Watercolour bear tattoo by @billy_tattoos
    Oceanic wine glass by @vt_tattoo
    Lightly coloured flower by @magdelena_bujak
    Guitar with flowers by @mattynox
    Lightbulb tattoo by @mikekyrtatas 
    Watercolour puppy dog by @pablo_ortiz_tattoo
    Watercolour kitten/cat by @simona.blanar
    Beautifaul watercolour rose tattoo by @uncl_paul_knows
    Foxes playing together by @versusink



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