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    Among the many tattoo styles and techniques, New School Tattoos are often confused with other genre’s such as neo-traditional, though they can be easily distinguished once you know what to look for.

    The one thing near all New School tattoos have in common are bright colors. This is likely due to the enhancements in technology and techniques in inks across the years, allowing such a wide range of colors to become available while staying long lasting.

    The next thing you’ll notice is the disproportionate shape of the subject with their exaggerated features (such as large glassy eyes), and the cartoon-like appearance they will have. New School is most commonly referred to as a “hip-hop and graffiti style.”

    Solid outlines keep the artwork looking clean and help to conceal the bleeding over the lifetime of the tattoo.

    If you’re looking for New School artists and tattoo ideas check out some of the best in the world below.


    New School Tattoo Artists

    Andy Walker

    Frank La Natra

    frank-la-natra-tattoo-72587-new-school-tattoo-idea frank-la-natra-tattoo-51770-new-school-tattoo-idea frank-la-natra-tattoo-18035-new-school-tattoo-idea frank-la-natra-tattoo-60403-new-school-tattoo-idea frank-la-natra-tattoo-55220 frank-la-natra-tattoo-41386 frank-la-natra-tattoo-41885-new-school-tattoo-idea frank la natra new school tattoo

    Kelly Doty

    kelly-doty-tattoo-95779-new-school-tattoo-idea kelly-doty-tattoo-14836-new-school-tattoo-idea kelly-doty-tattoo-97692-new-school-tattoo-idea


    Jesse Smith

    jesse-smith-tattoo-99235-new-school-tattoo-idea jesse-smith-tattoo-8780-new-school-tattoo-idea4 jesse-smith-tattoo-55470-new-school-tattoo-idea jesse-smith-tattoo-10627-new-school-tattoo-idea jesse-smith-tattoo-62639-new-school-tattoo-idea


    Levi Hilton

    levi-hilton-tattoo-73154-new-school-tattoo-idea levi-hilton-tattoo-32629-new-school-tattoo-idea levi-hilton-tattoo-80342-new-school-tattoo-idea levi-hilton-tattoo-28847-new-school-tattoo-idea levi-hilton-tattoo-35875-new-school-tattoo-idea levi hilton new school tattoo artist


    Mat Lapping

    mat-lapping-tattoo-35295-new-school-tattoo-idea mat-lapping-tattoo-67469-new-school-tattoo-idea mat-lapping-tattoo-29763-new-school-tattoo-idea


    Victor Chil


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